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CompTrak® consists of a series of modules that can be activated to support your compensation plans. We recognize that companies differ in their approach to how they manage compensation and as such, our modular system enables companies to utilize the components they need to serve their needs.

We have created eleven distinct modules that allow companies to manage their incentive plans from plan creation, bonus and base salary decision making, bonus processing, deferral calculation and tracking, payroll processing and employee statement generation.

Our modules are cemented on a highly secure framework that retains history and allows for specific user roles to be created and managed. CompTrak® is a fully integrated solution for all types of incentive compensation plans.


Simplify your compensation plans

Complex Plans

Administer various complex compensation plans without need for additional spreadsheets.

Across Borders

CompTrak® supports multiple currencies and global financial regulations.

In the Cloud

Implemented in-house or through our fully managed hosting service offering.

Our software is relied upon for

  • Approximately 50,000 statements being generated for employees

  • Support of 30,000 + Plan Participants

  • $22 Billion + in compensation and merit increases processed

  • $10 Billion + in deferred compensation

  • 1,500,000 + Deferrals, Dividends, Interest Payments, and Payouts entries have been processed

  • Supported in 15 different Countries and Currencies

  • Our software had evolved to meet the following requirements – Base Salary Review (Merit Increases), Share Ownership Requirements, Transfers, Multiple Merit Increases, Market Data

  • Platforms supported include – Retail, Capital Markets, Wealth Management, Executive Services, Treasury Services, and Finance

The unique plan framework allows us to effectively and efficiently administer our compensation deferral plans.Human Resources Professional

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